What is RustKote?

RustKote is one of the most innovative formulas in rust protection.  It was developed by experts with over 30 years of experience.  RustKote’s unique two step process is designed to protect the cracks, crevices, seams, and areas of your vehicle that are most prone to corrosion.  Our upper kote has the ability to creep into areas of your vehicle such as door jams and rocker panels.  Our bottom kote contains a unique polymer that enables it to adhere to the bottom of your vehicle with more tenacity than traditional rust protection products.  This allows for better penetration and LESS dripping!



How is RustKote different from other products?

RustKote was designed by experts using the most innovative technology in the field.  Our highly refined petroleum based formula has a unique ability to penetrate and lift moisture to protect your vehicle from corrosion.  Some products that claim to prevent rust form a barrier coat that can trap moisture between the coating and the steel of your vehicle.  This can actually accelerate the corrosion process.  RustKote is also made is the U.S.A.



Is rust protection really necessary?

Your vehicle is usually your second largest investment.  Vehicle manufacturers have made improvements over the years, but the truth is that if you live in the rust belt, your vehicle is still going to corrode.  RustKote can help reduce maintenance costs over the life of your vehicle and can also improve the resale value of your vehicle.



Can I RustKote a vehicle that is already showing signs of rust?

Yes – we still recommend RustKote for vehicles that are already showing signs of

rust.  RustKote will not remove existing rust but it will penetrate the rust, protecting the good steel from further corrosion. 



When is the best time of year to RustKote my vehicle?

RustKote contains ingredients that remain active for one year.  As long as you apply RustKote annually, it does not matter what time of year you treat your vehicle.  For extreme conditions, such as marine environments, we recommend a reapplication of RustKote every 6 months.


What is the cost of RustKote?

Click here to view our PRICING.



Does RustKote provide a warranty?

Yes.  We offer one of the best warranties in the industry and warranties from other companies are transferable.  Click here to review our WARRANTY. 



Is RustKote environmentally friendly?  

Yes, RustKote contains no harmful additives, carcinogens, agents, or detergents.  RustKote is non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous.  There are no harmful side effects from coming into contact with RustKote; simply wash it off just like dirt.  It is our goal to keep your vehicle out of the junk yard and in good working condition for as long as possible, lessening the impact to the environment. 



How is my vehicle prepared for its RustKote application?

It is not necessary to clean your vehicle before its RustKote application, unless your vehicle has been exposed to an unusual amount of dirt/debris.  RustKote will penetrate usual road dirt.  It is important to get product into crucial areas like door jams and rocker panels.  We will use existing manufacturer holes when possible.  If drilling is necessary, it will be done in small inconspicuous areas and plugged with a plastic cap after application.



What can I expect after my RustKote application?

RustKote is designed to drip far less than other products; however, you may notice a minimal amount of product dripping for 1-2 days.  We recommend waiting two days before washing your vehicle by hand and one week before taking your vehicle through a commercial car wash.  This allows the product time to creep and protect your vehicle. 



Does RustKote offer fleet applications?  

Yes – we can come to you.  Please call or email for more information on fleet pricing and availability.


How Long Has RustKote Been Around?

Bill Balcom Co-Founder  of Krown Rust Control and former CEO of Carwell Products Inc. brings you the latest in rust protection technology. Bill developed and

co-founded Krown Rust Control in 1985. In 1991, he expanded into the United States with Carwell Products.  Now, he has collaborated with chemists to bring his customers the best new formulas in rust protection - RUSTKOTE - "The Fighter" and

"The Penetrator." RustKote products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable.   The development of our new drip-less formula allows for a clean application with little or no messy dripping.


Additional questions?  Please contact us at info@RustKote.com

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