RustKote's RUST FIGHTER is a proprietary formulation in the Rustkote line of corrosion products with an exclusive polymer that creeps into hard to reach areas and penetrates existing rust controlling corrosion. Rust fighter then coats the base metal providing the premier protection from future rust and corrosion.


RustKote's QUICK RELEASE is a proprietary formulation in the Rustkote line of corrosion products with an exclusive polymer creeps into hard to reach areas and breaks the bond between metal and corrosion. Quick Release then coats the base metal and repels moisture to prevent future corrosion and rust from forming


RustKote's WIRE PROTECTOR is a Proprietary formulation in the Rustkote line of Corrosion Products with an exclusive polymer that creeps into electrical connections and first displaces moisture and then sets up a protective barrier which repels moisture preventing future corrosion and oxidation from forming.


RustKote SALT NEUTRALIZER is a proprietary formulation with an exclusive polymer that neutralizes the Salt and road brine so prevalent during winter months. Once the foam is applied it attaches to salt and neutralizing all the effects 

including stains, corrosion and oxidation.


RustKote's LUBRICATOR is a proprietary formulation in the Rustkote line of corrosion products with an exclusive polymer that creeps into hard to reach Areas providing the premier LUBRICATION and RUST PROTECTION by reducing friction & wear, waterproofing and then protecting any metal or moving parts.


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